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Toni recently was a guest of honor at USDA headquarters in Washington, D.C., joining Under Secretary Ed Avalos and other Obama Administration officials at food tasting commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month and celebrating Hispanic cuisines. Toni was recognized for her cooking and nutrition outreach to the Latino community.

At Food Fiesta, Tipton-Martin served as a celebrity judge and demonstrated a black bean salsa recipe that was popular with the children attending her after-school cooking and nutrition classes at the University of Texas Elementary School. The fourth and fifth graders also prepared and served their special dish as a passed hors d’oeuvre and healthy alternative to chips and dip for invited guests attending a Latino student summit.

“USDA is pleased to have Toni join us in commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month. As a chef supporting Let’s Move!, Toni provides a great example of a culinary expert who combines culture with nutrition to bring healthy meals to the Hispanic community,” said Marissa Duswalt, registered dietitian in the Office of the Secretary.