Toni is an award-winning food and nutrition journalist using cultural heritage and cooking for social change. In an era when kitchen competency is defined by celebrity chefs on television and the internet, Toni is sharing the real-life stories of this country’s invisible African American cooks through her rare book collection, cooking classes, talks and presentations. Her hope is that by championing the professional skills and kitchen wisdom of generations of black cooks, these iconic figures will be recognized as culinary role models from whom everyone can learn.


3 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Jeannie Miner

    HI Toni —

    I Found The Sunday Morning Piece About You, Today, November 20th, FASCINATING !
    I Plan On Buying Your Book “The Jemima Code” ..
    I Thought I Would Find Your Recipe For Your Thanksgiving Cornbread Stuffing On The List Of Recipes That This Website Offered, But Did Not See It !!! ???
    Could You Please e-mail It To Me: jeannieminer@charter.net THANK YOU SO MUCH & HTG — Jeannie

    • Toni Martin

      I apologize for taking so long to plow through spam to reply. Have you checked the CBS website?


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